Metal rocks the new assertive fashion

By Georgi Bomb

The metal scene is really pulling its silver-chromed finger out this year, there are some amazing new acts emerging, all jiggled up with some much needed welcome returns, many of which include some rather feisty front women and I am not talking about the fakers like Taylor Momsem from The Pretty Reckless. Painfully sticking masking tape on your nipples is not big and I am sure mummy warned you, is not clever either, my love.

So anyway, I am talking about the real women, who don’t need to expose themselves necessarily because they can offer some decent talent. Not just are they a pleasure to one’s delicately trained ear for good music but they are, ahem, “rocking” some rather sweet threads. So let us look at three of the medias’ most talked about recently:

Amaranthe: This death-symphonic-power-metal cross band are certainly causing quite a stir, mainly because they have made a random collection of genres actually work but beauty Elize Ryd takes the genre’s fashion a little further forward. Avoiding stereotypical dresses and opting instead, for stereotypical biker; leather, heels and cute gypsy blouses. Works beautifully and far more updated than period-costume dress. NOTE: spot the Ron Perlman lookalike in the video:

Arch Enemy: Putting aside the new album, just look at Angela Gossow’s fashion sense, not that she would give two hoots about what anyone else thinks. She sports the comfy “rock chic” look that Kate Moss couldn’t even dream of approaching. Standard leather trousers, studded belts and ruffled hair, then a fitted band shirt on top; this woman is a fine role model for the followers of metal. We can ignore the American Football strips though because…well…she is pretty hard.

Djerv: If Annie Lennox and Grace Jones got in a wrestling ring together with Aretha Franklin and James Bond as tag partners respectively, you wouldn’t be far off the overall look of screeching but somewhat sugar sweet, Norwegian frontwoman Agnete Kjølsrud. Her style in debut video Madman matches her attitude; a harsh, bleached blond quiff held steadily with a mountain of hairspray. An interesting take on eyeliner and then (this is where the Annie Lennox reference fits) a tailored suit which could probably only be pulled off by Kjølsrud herself. Assertive yet cool and presents a whole new look to metal.

Three perfect role models for the female youth of today. Step aside over-sexed pop stars, how about pushing this well-dressed, modern row of bitches through?

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