Live review: Combichrist at Classic Grand, Glasgow

By Georgi Bomb

What feels like the opening scenes of a 90’s vampire film, hordes of goths embracing the shade of black cram tightly into the name of irony for this evening, The Classic Grand.

As the start of July commences, the heat rises to sweltering levels and the make up adorned crowd start to melt like the witch from Wizard of Oz, Combichrist gives a performance to make the heat even worse. With a sound that can only be described as epic, there is nothing negative to say about that as every bass, synth, cymbal and vocal has its own perfect quality and place within the performance.

The atmosphere seems perfect despite one abusive crew member with too much of something inside him and the floor is literally vibrating as the popular tracks like Blut Royale and What The F**k Is Wrong With You are played out with impressive levels of energy, in spite of the desert heat.

Popular track Get Your Body Beat has a bass that resonates through the skull as the crowd screams and begs for more. A sterling and rather old-school encore ensured that way too much fun and sweat was thrown about which gave a whole new appreciation for the cooling outdoor breeze.

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