Interview: Hornper, In Solitude

By Georgi Bomb

One thing has to be made clear, In Solitude take their work VERY seriously and have no interest in describing their music using words, you have to actually listen to the band to understand. Their souls, like the music they produce, are dark and each member holds a small burning flame within this shadow to aid their creation. The World. The Flesh. The Devil is their latest release and is out now. Vocalist Hornper took a few minutes to chat with Miss Bomb.
Miss Bomb: Hi there, so your second album The World. The Flesh. The Devil has just been released, how are you feeling?

Hornper: The time period from when we started to write the album until where I am now has been a very special chapter of my life. It has been extremely intense. Spiritually, emotively and personally intense. A lot of bleeding. This album means a lot to me. It has been very important to all of us.

MB: What is the album about?

H: It’s not as simple as that. It wouldn’t do the album any justice trying to explain anything in words here. Its all there. In the album. Listen to the music and read its poems close to heart and you will communicate with its meaning. The wandering on burning paths…

MB: What influences did you draw on when writing the album?

H: We are constantly under influence. We experience music, art, literature, life, death, magik and are constantly influenced and affected by these keys in our life. Consciously and unconsciously. It’s hard to put ones finger on specific things without forgetting others. And when we write songs together, its very much an In Solitude moment and not much specific influences that we discuss when making the songs. Those things have their unconscious effect while the songs are taking shape.

MB: What was the most enjoyable part about recording the album?

H: I dont know if enjoyable is the right word. Of course we enjoyed our time there but its a whole other way of communicating with yourself, your emotions, the music and your fellow artists. I remember standing alone outside the studio late evenings after long days of recording just watching the intense snow fall and understanding what these songs meant to me. Unravelling great things within me. Words say far to little. But those were very special and important moments for me.

MB: You have three festivals coming up, how have you chosen your set list or will be choosing it?

H: Well, that depends on time, place and feeling. But these things usually falls in place naturally and without much consideration. The songs are in our blood and they know their place, and so do we.

MB: How are you feeling about your first US performance at Maryland Deathfest?

H: It was a great. When living and operating out of Sweden, America is very far away. Not only when it comes to distance, but in most other aspects as well. So, it was a conquest. The seed is planted.

MB: Describe In Solitude in three words

H: Da tariki, tariqat. (Literally. And carved very deep.)

MB: What is going on for the rest of the year for you guys?

H: We are doing our dance of Death and the Adversary. And we are taking as many of you with us as possible.

MB: Any final thoughts?

H: We wander behind you, and all this is for you,

You, in whose footsteps galaxies turn to ash.

The World. The Flesh. The Devil is out now!




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