Kate’s Clothing new styles

By Lenore

Vogue is already showcasing new styles for the autumn/winter collection and anybody who is anybody is picking up ‘key pieces’ for the next season’s wardrobe; despite the fact it’s only June. Luckily for us alternative types, ‘trends’ and ‘looks’ don’t hold as much importance as ‘buying things you like’ and ‘feeling comfortable’. This means independent labels like Kate’s Clothing can let their creativity flow, designing items that look good rather than clothes that fit fashion.

Kate’s signature line is Necessary Evil; comprising tailored tops, trousers and skirts, all with simple gothic twists like fishtails and lacing. The new range expands on this theme and introduces dark denim and zip details. Always considering ladies with a fuller figure, two  full-length skirts are now available, each with a very high waist line and adjustable ribbon lacing at the sides. Deep but streamlined front pockets and a large circle skirt make these staple items in any goth girl’s wardrobe. If you like to flash your well-turned ankles though there is a mullet version (slightly longer at the back than at the front) which points into a fishtail at the back.

Kate's Clothing, modeled by Lenore

Fitted blouses with lace puff sleeves compliment these items perfectly and the fastenings at the back mean the front stays uncluttered. Expanding on the trademark Evil ribbon lacing, long sleeved tops are now in production with extra length, lace-up cuffs or drawstring arms which adjust to three-quarter length as desired.

The two most outstanding items however are one of the simplest pieces and the most detailed. Footless tights are perfect teamed with cut-off shorts or mini-skirts and Kate’s Clothing have made them extra creepy (and cute) by adding a diamanté cobweb to each ankle – so simple and sure to be big sellers.

The new Necessary Evil dress is likely to be popular too as dark denim is made into a fitted knee-length dress with sweetheart neckline but each of the item’s curves is outlined with a long zip detail drawing the eye down the dress.

Kate’s Clothing’s new items are still only at the sample stage at the moment but will be available to purchase very soon.

 Lenore is a model, presenter and journalist, check out more about her here.


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