Review: Sister, Hated

By Georgi Bomb

Swedish rock outfit Sister certainly fill a small hole with Hated, out now on Metal Blade Records. Despite looking like contenders at a Wednesday 13 or Nikki Sixx look-a-like competition, this dirty, sleaze-punk, rock debut certainly bashes the ear into a rude awakening.

A definite ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude is evident here so no need to look for any hidden messages or meanings. The angst parades proudly across single Bullsh*t and Backstabbing and title track Hated also; every song awash with their middle finger which is directed to anyone who will listen.

Similar sounding to Buckcherry combined with vocals from Dope, this tongue-in-cheek, sexist punk is recommended for those seeking light relief or a party album.

One criticism is the similarity between the tracks, the punk fused with bluesy riffs ends up blending together and it becomes hard to differentiate. Would You Love A Creature certainly breaks up that monotony toward the end with an interesting sound and contrasts to what was heard previously.

To summarise, fun, sleazy and all-round rock and roll. Hated is out now via Metal Blade Records.

Check out an interview with drummer Cari from Sister here.



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