Review: Laura Joy, What I Know

By Vernon Tart

When you listen to Laura Joy, it sparks a happy feeling deep inside of you. The simplicity of her music is as gentle as a breeze. She tells tales of life from a happy, upbeat point of view. Little elements of Tin Pan Alley float to the surface in her work as well as a definite feel of Woody Guthrie’s offbeat attitude permeate her lyrics from start to finish.

Though most artist have a sound; Laura Joy has her sound, something artists strive to achieve if only subconsciously. Her mix of old time music and humorous lyrics like “hot water you watch me steep” are a throw back to the days when people were not concerned with being so serious or trying to be perfect. Laura Joy gives you what she is, a singer-songwriter who is just a bit different and who has a little more twisted outlook on life.

Laura Joy’s album, What I Know is available to purchase here.

[Editor’s note: We published incorrect information within this review, unfortunately Laura Joy’s previous album, Six Flights was listed when in fact, the album being discussed is What I Know. Sincere apologies and the article is now correct – June 1, 2011]


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