Review: The Ocean at The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

By Georgi Bomb

The Ocean prepare for a floor show this evening at an intimate Edinburgh venue. Despite a disappointing start to the tour and a few technical difficulties, tonight’s performance is a memorable one. Full of pure, raw energy, the five-piece charge headfirst through their set as they thrash about amongst the audience. The closeness of the room mixed with the low lighting makes it feel the evening is a private show amongst friends.

The intensity of the set grows as the night draws on, possibly related to people’s alcohol levels plus the accompaniment of The Ocean’s merchandise guy feeding the band shots and running around on stage gives an all round light-hearted atmosphere.

The crowds could have been entertained all night as vocalist Loïc Rossetti’s small frame leaps and bounds over the audience as the rest of the band whip hair and sweat across the tiny back room. Concentrating on the current two albums Heliocentric and Anthropocentric which were played with expert precision; The Ocean treated the audience to “something new” during the much demanded encore, where they cheekily pushed the time constraints to the absolute limit.

Despite the obvious alcohol flow, The Ocean’s first headlining date after a string of support slots opened with a smooth bang; loud, dark, and definitely memorable.

Always nice to get feedback, Robin emailed after the show: ” it was a fun night, very punk rock. felt like one of our first squat tours we’ve done… in the most positive of ways.”

Check out an interview with The Ocean by clicking here.


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