The Dark Tower is not as close as we think

By Richard Brooks

For some time now, Hollywood has been circling Stephen King’s epic, seven-book Dark Tower series which blends elements of horror, fantasy, drama and the western genre. Although is seems the studio have expressed concerns over the cost.

Set in a world not unlike our own which is slowly falling apart, King’s books follow gunslinger, Roland Deschaine as he chases his nemesis The Man in Black towards The Dark Tower; where inside lies the answer to saving Roland’s dying world.

Recently, an adaptation of the books has been gathering momentum over at Universal Pictures, under the guidance of director Ron Howard (Cocoon and The DaVinci Code) and Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend and The DaVinci Code).

They have planned to lay out the sprawling epic over three films and two interlinking seasons of television, and recently Academy Award winning actor, Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men) had shown intrest in playing the role of Roland.

Due to budget concerns, Universal studios have halted plans on the film while they think of more economical ways to bring The Dark Tower series to the screen.

For the time being, Howard and Goldsman are rewriting the scripts and trying to think of a more economical way to bring The Dark Tower to life. The aim is to keep on track for its proposed May 2013 release date before Universal Studio’s lose interest.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Tower is not as close as we think

  1. I love those books and would love to see a big screen version. But if they have to keep cutting to fit a budget and make a lesser movie I’d rather see it not be made. Maybe with the huge success of Game of Thrones the investors will look at things a bit different and see that epic fantasy does really have a huge fan base. Heck, even the name Stephan King attached to it will have a lot of pulling power. It will be strange to see Javier Bardem as Roland and can see him fitting the part well, but when I read the books it was always Clint Eastwood(or more precise The Man With No Name) as my vision of Roland.

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