Review: Tim Culling, Goodbye Western Sun

By Vernon Tart

Goodbye Western Sun captures influences that remind me of Randy Newman, with a bit of off beat pop; a modern day Beach Boys without the incredible harmonies yet with a nod towards The Kinks in their heyday. You hear so little piano music these days with such a classic feel that brings out such warm feelings for old songs.

A quieter alternative choice in music that is well written and conceived, like a love letter from an old lost friend. Lost in the quiet, ghost of the past in the rich fabric of your memory, Tim Culling calls forth the ghost and delivers a warm and memorable feeling in the melodies he writes. Barcelona Streets, with its classic feel could be a Bob Seger song with a bit more rasp in the vocals but it holds strong to the tradition of rock and roll and gets the mind wavering into a new artist that really takes the listener to where he is.

Culling is able to deliver the feeling of pleasure to these ears that makes music worth listening to. So if you lay awake at night and wonder why no one makes music like they use to, listen to Tim Culling.


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