Review: Bachelorette at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

By Georgi Bomb

A beautiful and atmospheric venue for New Zealand solo artist, Bachelorette (Annabel Alper). A few technical difficulties didn’t stop her from giving an alluring performance. Delicately layering vocals and percussion live on stage single-handedly was a spectacular sight along with being absorbed into the sound-reactive images behind her.

Opening with The Light Seekers off her latest self-titled release, she calmly played her way through the 30 minute set, at her own pace, and apologising for technical issues as they arose like one would to a friend. Quietly introducing each track, so softly in fact she could barely be heard over the chatter amongst the crowd. The samples and synths would quickly kick in and draw the attention back again as Mindwarp’s synthetic vocals screamed out; contrasting with the delicate and timid sounds of Sugarbug which gently built up with layered harmonies.

The whole set was nothing but calm, relaxed and friendly. An overall compelling performance, musically and visually.

Bachelorette’s latest, self titled album is out now through Souterrain Transmissions.


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