Interview with Cari from Sister

By Georgi Bomb

Photo: Axel Engstrom

Sister are a name that you should be metaphorically carving onto your brain. Hailing from Sweden, this goth-looking bunch kick out some awesome rock n roll. Their debut album Hated is out early June and drummer Cari takes a bit of time out for some Q and A’s with Miss Bomb.

Miss Bomb:First things first, describe your sound and what is Sister all about?

Cari: Sister is a attitude spitting rock n’ roll act from Sweden. The sound is raw and dirty rock with infuences from punk rock and metal, all mixed together into some blasting tunes. We wanna get our aggresion out, forget about problems going on and just hit the stage to play rock n roll.

MB: Your debut album Hated is about to be released, how are you feeling about it?

C: It feels great! We have been around since late 2005, early 2006 just making noise in the underground rock scene. Now we have signed with legendary Metal Blade Records and gonna release a great fucking album to show the world what we’re about.

MB: Explain what the single Hated is all about?

C: HATED is the title track of the album and was written by our guitarist Lestat. I came up with the album title HATED and the next day Lestat showed up to rehearsal and showed us his new masterpiece with the same name. The track is about anger and how you can use hate to get back on people who fuck things over for you.

MB: What did you grow up listening to?

C: I was eight years old when I first saw Kiss in Gothenburg, Sweden. It all started back then with the classic giant bands like Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, Judas Priest and so on, W.A.S.P. of course. Later on I got into heavier stuff like Pantera and Slayer. Mixed that with punk Misfits, glam Hanoi Rocks and then it just went straight to hell. 😉 Today I’m listening to all kind of stuff, don’t know where to begin!

MB: What do you love most about what you do?

C: I don’t know.. Just love rock n roll I guess haha. To get on stage and just put on a show, give 100% and rock out in front of a crowd. It’s really the best thing ever! It’s basiclly the only thing we can do that we’re good at. 😉

MB: After the release of the album, what are Sister’s plans?

C: To spread the name as much as possible, get on the road and just give 100% the best way we can.

MB: What are your current tour plans?

C: Europe in September. We hope to make it to the states soon as well.

MB: Final thoughts?

C: Don’t miss the release of 2011’s best album June 7th “HATED” Best soundtrack of this summer for sure!

Visit: to follow our shit, the site is being refreshed at this moment with a brand new, big merch section coming up!

Sister’s latest single Bullsh*t and Backstabbing is out now and the Hated is released June 7 through Metal Blade Records. Keep an eye on Culture Bomb for the upcoming review .


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