Interview with Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse

By Georgi Bomb

Cannibal Corpse is a well-known name to many, a career spanning well over 25 years including film cameos with Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura), a back catalogue of 11 studio albums, and now currently promoting DVD Global Evisceration. Bassist and one of the original members Alex Webster talks to Miss Bomb about offensive metal, feminists and the distant glimmer of a new album.

Miss Bomb: Hello, so how are things within Cannibal Corpse?

Alex Webster: Good! We’re home in Tampa right now, working on material for our next album and enjoying some time with family and friends.

MB: How did you feel completing your DVD, Global Evisceration?

AW: It was cool. As usual, Denise Korycki directed the DVD and did a fantastic job.

MB: Has it inspired you to produce another one?

AW: We probably won’t do another DVD for a while since we just did “Centuries of Torment” and “Global Evisceration”, as well as some bonus DVDs that came with CDs. I think we should wait a while before making another.

MB: How are things looking for a new album?

AW: We’ve got the music for 8 songs finished and have several more in the works. The lyrics will come along a bit later, in the last month or so before the recording session. We plan to record in September and October with the hopes of releasing the album in early 2012.

MB: In regards to images and lyrical content, how much backlash (if any) do you get from feminist/religious groups?

AW: We really haven’t gotten much. In Germany there’s a censorship lady that gives us a little grief, and we’ve had one or two shows picketed over the years. None of that’s really a big deal though.

MB: Do you think people are still shocked by extreme music?

AW: The first time they hear it, yes, probably. But after they’ve gotten accustomed to it I’m sure the shock wears off. It’s just music after all.

MB: As an extreme metal band, can you name one (musical) guilty pleasure that might surprise your fans?

AW: I sometimes listen to melodic metal like Amberian Dawn, Angra, and other bands like that. I certainly don’t feel guilty about it though because they’re great bands! But our fans still might be surprised to learn that I like them since they are really different from Cannibal Corpse.

MB: What do you think the future holds for death metal?

AW: I think the future is quite promising. There are a lot of talented young musicians on the scene in relatively new bands like Spawn of Possession, Aeon, Lecherous Nocturne, and Hour of Penance; on top of that the older bands like Autopsy, Obituary, and Deicide are still making heavy albums. The combination of consistent veteran bands and highly talented newcomers makes for a strong scene.

MB: Does Cannibal Corpse ever feel threatened by the new generation of death metal bands?

AW: No. Another band making killer music is something we regard as positive, not as a threat. We are confident in our ability to make good music that our fans will enjoy; the music other bands make has no effect on that.

MB: What’s next on the agenda?

AW: We’re going to record and release a new album and then do lots of touring in support of it. The album will probably be released in early 2012 so the tour will begin shortly thereafter.

MB: Anything further to add?

AW: Just thanks for the interview and thanks to our fans for all of the support! See you on tour in 2012!

Global Evisceration is available now.   


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