Review: Job For A Cowboy, Gloom E.P

By M

We all know that at this particular time in the music business, especially for recording artists it is becoming increasingly difficult to extract actual musical ability from recorded music. With the advancement of Pro Tools and Logic based recordings everything sounds really neat. Yes this is somewhat a good thing I guess, although it also takes away from the recordings. Job For A Cowboy’s latest incarnation named Gloom, is no exception to this rule. Although a masterful recording, it seems to lack an intensity that was clearly apparent on their first EP titled Doom.

The first track on their latest EP, entitled Misery Reformatory starts strong with a crushing guitar tone and well-timed stabs from the drums. But although this track starts strong it loses me towards the end, I feel they should have kept up the intensity with which they started. Plastic Idols starts much in the same way, although it starts with the drums, a well-executed intro if ever there was one, and a nice blast beat to conquer wandering minds. This track, in my opinion should have been the opener, more intense, better riffs and catchy vocal patterns. The third track entitled Execution Parade is by far my favourite track. It keeps a great pace throughout and is reminiscent of the Swedish tech death masters Spawn Of Possession. Increasingly good patterns vocally and guitar arrangements are far more interesting.

Their final track on this EP, Signature Of Starving Power is a good way to close a record. It has a groove that is exceptionally catchy and helps round off the songs in an old school fashion.

I am all for bands evolving, as long as they can produce something that is consistent with their original sound (that’s the intensity I was talking about!) and doesn’t take away from their roots. This is not the devastating offering in which I expected from these Arizonian death machines, in some ways I am a little disappointed. Hopefully they can bring back the intensity and crushing heaviness that is their long known signature.

Gloom will be released June 7 via Metal Blade Records

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