Review: Cerebral Bore: Maniacal Miscreation

By Jake Rivett

This is a set of 8 brutal and crushing death metal songs that prove Cerebral Bore are going to be the next big thing in death metal! Lets get it over with right away, those crushing lows, that incredible pig squeal, some epic gutturals and yup – all produced by a woman. Simone “Som” Pluijmers could put half the men in metal to shame with what she can do.

The songs have their tongues lodged firmly in their cheeks with titles like Epileptic Strobe Entrapment  and 24 Year Party Dungeon. Som’s vocals have an addictive quality that reveal a sense of catchiness with multiple listens.

The brilliant vocals don’t mean the instruments get left behind. Kyle Rutherford should be proud for having one of the most funky and distinctive bass sounds in death metal today, not letting it get buried by the crushing guitar and breakneck drumming. This is an album that certainly needs to be played loud, and though it would make a great party-mosh album, it deserves your individual attention too. Maniacal Miscreation never becomes a wall of sound like some extreme music can have a tendency to do, with excellent quality riffs noticeable on songs such as lead single The Bald Cadaver which, as a song was a great single to showcase everything the band does; funky bass, brutal vocals, guitar excellence and drumming performed at lightning speed.

Entombed In Butchered Bodies and Mangled Post Burial continue the high quality, nothing feels stale or boring. In fact things get even better, Entombed has some captivating bass solos in it while Flesh Reflects The Madness represents the band at their catchiest. The title track Maniacal Miscreation makes my throat hurt, with Som producing some of her most guttural and harsh sounding vocals combined with the chainsaw sounding guitar.

The final track, 24 Year Party Dungeon is potentially the only death metal song in the world that talks about KFC but that doesn’t stop it from being the juiciest cut to close the album; having the best drumming on it so far.

Overall if you are going to call yourself a modern death metal head this is an album you need to own.

[Editor’s note: Incorrect information has been removed from this review which stated vocalist Som got her place in the band by posting videos on Youtube. Sincere apologies and statement has now been removed – 26.05.2011]


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