Top 10 death metal albums you must own

By Jake Rivett

Here is an ultimate guide to every death metal album you will ever need to call yourself a true [death] metalhead. Enjoy & play LOUD.

10. Gorerotted – Only Tools and Corpses

This is the definitive album from the dual vocalist Brits, it is also their most tongue in cheek and definitely their best!

Killer tune: To Catch A Killer

9. Mortician – Hacked Up For BBQ

The movie obsessed death metallers surpassed themselves with their first incredible collection of songs. Brutality at its best; short and brutal!

Killer tune: Cannibal feast

8. Whitechapel – The Somatic Defilement

Bringing a touch of modern metal to proceedings, this is Whitechapel at their most brutal and heavy as we explore Jack the Ripper’s crimes in first person!

Killer tune: Vicer Exciser

7. Death – Individual Thought Patterns

This killer album is by the band that are widely credited for inventing the whole death metal sound. Many fans will tell you Leprosy but this is the killer album, with jazz influences!

Killer tune: The Philosopher

6. Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God 

The seventh album from the melodeath Swedes. Easily their most accessible and a roaring shout along with some flagons of ale!

Killer tune: Guardians of Asgaard

5. Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh

This is the album where Mikael Akerfeldt was replaced with Peter Tagtgren, and it worked. Having some of the best songs Bloodbath have ever produced on this record.

Killer tune: Year of the Cadaver Race

4. Autopsy – Severed Survival

The album that influenced them all, and a cover so brutal it had to be changed,. Autopsy put out their finest work on their first album

Killer tune: Charred Remains

3. Carcass – Symphonies of Sickness

Though technically a grind/gore album, this second offering from the British group is awesome, improving greatly on the first, classic!

Killer tune: Exhume to Consume

2. Deicide – Serpents of the Light

An incredible album from the god-hating legends, where not a single foot is put wrong! A true death metal classic

Killer tune – Blame it on God

1. It was difficult to pick one album from Cannibal Corpse’s massive back catalogue but in the end nothing competes with an opener like I will kill you from Gallery of Suicide.

There is so much choice from the ultimate death metal band! It can depend on whether you like former Chris Barne’s vocals or George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher.

Killer tune – I will kill you

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