Review: The Ward

By Georgi Bomb

It has been ten long years since John Carpenter provided us with some jaw-dropping, cold sweating, classic horror and The Ward does just that. During a time where it is all about the heavily graphic and distressing torture, be it based on real events, lacking any real twists and just being grotesque over entertaining; The Ward is a jump out of your seat, twist-and-turn  classic.

The story follows Kristen (Amber Heard – Stepfather, Zombieland, Pineapple Express) who is found sat in front of a burning building in the middle of nowhere and taken into a mental asylum. Although there is nothing overly haunting about this particular ward, a creepy looking ghost starts terrorizing the patients, picking them off one by one.

What makes this film is the fact that although there are some gross scenes, it isn’t overly graphic; gone are the days where it is all about what you don’t see so it makes a refreshing change. The jumpy parts during the film are definitely ones that catch you unaware and the ones that are expected are held off in almost silence, leaving one unable to breathe yet still leap a bit when it happens.

There is nothing spectacular about The Ward, it is a straight-up horror film. It won’t affect or haunt your mind for days after, it won’t give you nightmares and it certainly won’t put you off visiting cities in Europe. It is sheer entertainment, which the horror genre has lacked of late. People are so desensitized that it isn’t about fun scares, it is about realism and unnecessarily graphic  images; so much so, it has gone beyond entertainment. So thank you, John Carpenter.

The Ward is out now on DVD

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