Review: Deicide, To Hell With God

By Jake Rivett

Deicide have been doing the same thing since the 80’s – releasing good, but never brilliant death metal, reaching and leaving their creative peak with 1997’s Serpents Of The Light album. So how is the latest album To hell With God looking when compared to everything before?

Opening track, To Hell With God, is fast, brutal and catchy, everything a Deicide song should be and gets the album off to a good start. One thing that consistently stands out on the album is Steve Asheims drumming, Witness Of Death and Save Your both feel like filler tracks. Witness has some of the weakest vocals from Glen Benton on any Deicide record recorded, but they are quickly back on crushing form with catchy schizophrenic vocals on Empowered By Blasphemy which features a duel solo. Halfway through the album things start to pick up, with Angels of Hell mixing things up in the speed section, not being stupidly fast; thus setting it aside from everything that has happened before, providing a decent musical bridge.

 Hang In Agony till You’re Dead was the first song I heard from the album. On its own it is a standout track and showcases what Deicide do however, when mixed with the rest of the album, it doesn’t massively stand out, except for the amazing bridge and solo.

 Deicide seem to have picked up this ‘stop/start’ thing on their riffs and it really serves them well. The album as a whole is better than 2006 effort Till Death Do Us Part but nothing really stands up to classics like Father Bakers and Dead By Dawn. The album starts well but instantly goes downhill with half of the tunes feeling like obvious filler. The problem with Deicide, as I keep mentioning, is the fact that they do not do anything original, one song, Servant Of The Enemy, ends with Benton screaming “Die! Die! Die! Die!”; not very original for a death metal song. The end track How Can You Call Yourself A God? Is another standout, catchy tune, but it is too little too late for this reviewer I am afraid.

 To Hell With God is out now on Century Media.


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