The Black Dahlia Murder release second single from Ritual

By Georgi Bomb

Michigan death metal masters, The Black Dahlia Murder have released the second single off their upcoming fifth album, Ritual, due for release June 20. Entitled Conspiring with the Damned, check it out, here.

A deeply dark track, filled with all the traits of TBDM, screeching vocals, doom-esq breakdowns and pumping drum beats.Vocalist Trevor Strnad comments; “It brings us great pleasure to reveal another track from our latest endeavor, Ritual!

“Conspiring with the Damned is a quick melodic track about bringing a curse into your life by messing with a Ouija board. The lyrics were informed by a series of stories told to me by a friend who claims to have been tormented and robbed of his innocence at a very young age by a demonic force he had been in contact with. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and I think it embodies the horrific vibe of Ritual perfectly. Bang your heads!”

Ritual has progressed in both songwriting and musicianship yet hasn’t strayed from the bands authentic sound. You can hear Moonlight Equilibrium, the first single through Metal Blade’s website and the band will be featuring at this year’s Sonisphere festival.

Ritual will be released June 20 through Metal Blade Records.


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