Review: Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

By Jake Rivett

The second the play button is hit, you can tell this is a pure, old-school Beastie Boys record; it brings all the beastly flavour, but does it massively improve on it? The answer sadly, is no. I mean it is awesome, except this was promised to the world in 2009. It should have delivered more of a punch!

Bizarrely, part two of a two-part set (part one has been delayed) the album is reminiscent of Ill communication in the way that all the songs meld into one and the short songs keep things going. This makes sure there is always something. What seems to be missing is originality and creativeness; that is not to say tracks certainly don’t stand out, check out Crazy Ass Shit plus Multilateral Nuclear Disaster is undeniably funky as hell!

It does sound like something the boys would have released in the 80’s; especially the current single and opening track Make Some Noise (even the title sounds 80s) whereas the most likely-to-be next single (it was sent out as a 7” for promotion) Lee Majors Come Again has a real Black Flag vibe to it, so even though upon first listen the album sounds like one, it really has lots of levels and an incredible amount of depth.

The cameo laden star for current single Make Some Noise

As the album progresses it gets easier and really grows, it is a bit of a shame that Mixmaster Mike’s DJ’ing along with the style of the album all mixes into one long song, but it certainly gives the album flavour. The album is self-produced by the group and has been done well.

The album is well worth a purchase and is a very decent piece of work, showing how incredibly relevant the Beastie Boys still are after all this time. It may be a little impenetrable to newcomers who may want to begin with something like their greatest hits to grab a glimpse at the massive spectrum these guys are capable of doing. Older fans will appreciate this fully and the more you listen to it, the more you will love it

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