Spine Extraction

By Jake Rivett

A brutal set of decent dudes that I had the good fortune to speak  to on Twitter. You get all these bands that say, “Follow us” or “Like us” but they are generic and bland. Then, you click a link and your life is transformed! Spine Extraction hail from Charlotte NC in America and are currently scouting for labels to release their record.

Suppressing the Rage By Spine Extraction

The music, though dark with an emphasis on brutality, has a hooky sense of rhythm flowing throughout, enough to make it almost seem catchy. The vocals are killer, the music is killer too, these guys definitely deserve more recognition than they are currently getting and I for one hope they get that record deal, then I hope they tour Britain.

They have about four songs floating about on Youtube and I can’t get enough. I am sure once you have heard the mighty Spine Extraction you will feel the same! Watch this space for an exclusive interview with the band coming very soon.


4 thoughts on “Spine Extraction

  1. We have taken down the video posted and replaced it .. If you would like to check out our you tube channel and post a different video…. Sorry for this.. Thanks soooo much for the awesome review!! \m/

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