Hideous Miscreation

By Jake Rivett

Hideous Miscreation are a rising, technical, deathcore band from London. Though obviously influenced by bands like Job For a Cowboy, they take it all a step further by adding in speed and technicality to their well-produced EP, available for free by clicking here.  Any band willing to give away their music for free when they worked so hard, are cool in my book!

It is not straight up, traditional death metal which may not sit well with those looking for that type of music but, for those with an open mind, especially those into bands like Suicide Silence or the aforementioned JFAC, will fall in love with the garbled and gurgled screaming! Amongst the pure brutal speed, blast-beats and technicality they manage to weave in a particular breed of catchiness that suits very well.

Currently recording their first album with a new lineup, having only been going a couple of years; this five-piece have already accomplished so much, all they need is a decent tour to get themselves more exposure.

Disciples of the Full Moons Bloodlust from The Delusions of Grandeur EP

Check out their full Youtube channel for more brutality, and keep up to date with all the latest Hideous Miscreation stuff on Facebook.

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