The Cape Race

By Georgi Bomb

A band who would rather display their determination and passion as opposed to stating it in an interview. The Cape Race, hailing from Manchester, exudes the slickest rock music overflowing with filthy, raw energy. With a small history forming from the demise of previous acts, this five-piece are certainly not waiting around. Currently in production are six videos, one for each track on their upcoming EP, titled Now, Voyager.

The first video released was They’re Young, They’re In Love which came out on New Year’s Day 2011, viewed below,

The second video produced was for White Lies on 4 April,

Not a gang to hang about, the third video The Reprieve is due for release during May. Shot in a Victorian theatre and features the band performing with a full ballet group, actors, stage hands and a mime, so watch this space. Their sheer determination for success is more evident from the fact The Cape Race have been together little more than a year, forming in 2010 and have had airtime on Radio One and have upcoming features in Rock Sound and Kerrang!

Now, Voyager will be available on June 6 and is being given away absolutely free. A short documentary will be included about the recording process of the six-track EP. A soft-rock, lyrically tender offering that would soften the heart of even the blackest soul. Catch The Cape Race at Friends of Mine Festival on May 23 playing with Badly Drawn Boy, The Cribs, Lightening Seeds and more.


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