Review, Nova Robotics, We Encourage You EP

By Georgi Bomb

The third release from instrumental duo Nova Robotics, featuring six tracks that create a random abundance of emotion by touching on so many elements. An electronic start from title track, We Encourage You which almost hits a middle eastern colour. A beautiful start to the EP that seems transfixed around the main hook whilst the background never lays still.

The second track Neon Everything flies off in a different direction with its ‘Super Mario’ style synth, creating a trance-like tune; remaining strong with a fast pace. Hive and Elixer develop an edge on the rock genre although the one¬†consistency about this EP is the depth. The tracks, for the greatest part, appear 3D with the amount of activity that is going on.

The track 42 seems to push an urban quality and penultimate track, Rose in Flore pushes back to the tranquil; a haunting and elegant number that would have done well as final piece.

A very eclectic edition from the Bristol-based duo and a charming addition for Explosions in the Sky or 65 Days of Static fans. The We Encourage You EP can be downloaded from ITunes, Amazon and Juno.

Download: We Encourage You, Rose of Flore.


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