Review: Vanderbuyst, Vanderbuyst

By Georgi Bomb

The Dutch hard rock assault is here.Vanderbuyst are looking to take us all back to the 80’s with their self-titled album. Elaborate guitar solos, head banging riffs and obsessive hooks, quite simply, plague this debut. Pulling influence from all the greats, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Van Halen and ZZ Top to name a few; listening to Vanderbuyst is like reminiscing but with a modern production attached. One notable fact is that despite using modern-day production on an 80’s themed band, there is still an authentic sound, the attention to detail is evident.

Stealing Your Thunder and Tiger seem to have a stronger edge over the opener, To Last Forever yet the whole album bursts with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, all sung in a refreshingly coherent manner over compositions that, in some places, reek of a classic blues feel. The 11 minute cover of UFO’s Rock Bottom seems to demand attention. The authentic instrumental featuring tight drum solos smoothed in-between slick guitars would make for an epic inclusion of their live playlist.

Vanderbuyst will be supporting Saxon on their European tour from May 12 and their self-titled debut is out now on Ván Records.

Download: Tiger, Traci Lords


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