Interview with Peter Östlund from Vomitory

Straight up, brutal, Swedish death metal would be a good start to describing  the four piece of 22 years, Vomitory. Touring with some of the great names within the scene like Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Decide, Amon Amarth to name drop a few; these long-haired gentlemen are back with a disgustingly savage, eighth album, Opus Mortis VIII. There is a limited edition version of the album featuring four bonus tracks; re-recorded ‘classic’ tracks from previous Vomitory albums. Miss Bomb chats to guitarist Peter Östlund about all things gory, offensive and the foreseeable future.

Miss Bomb: Hi there, So first things first, Opus Mortis VIII has now been released, how are you feeling about it?

Peter Östlund : Hi! I feel great about the new album and the whole band is really exited about how everything turned out.

MB: Tell us more about the album

PÖ: The album was recorded at Leon Music Studios together with Rikard Lövgren and the artwork was made by Lukasz Jaszak.

MB: How did you chose the classic tracks that you did for the bonus part?

PÖ: Those are tracks that we have had in our setlist from those two early albums and we thought that it would be nice to let people hear how they would sound with today’s line-up and production.

MB: How important is it to use the same studio you have used before?

PÖ: For us it´s a big deal since the studio is in our hometown so we can go home in the evening to our families and we know that Rikard will give us a killer production.

MB: When 2007’s Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize got banned in Germany, did you ever feel like producing artwork to a similar extreme?

PÖ: Actually, no.

MB: Do you think people are still shocked/offended by offensive lyrics/images or are they becoming more desensitized?

PÖ: I think people who listens to extreme metal just see it as a part of the music, but obviously people outside the scene still get shocked and offended since artwork and videos are still being censored.

MB: Vomitory hasn’t had much rest since it started in 1989, how far do you think the band could go/how far do you want it go?

PÖ: I guess the band could always be bigger but then we have to tour a hell of a lot more which is not that easy as we get older with families and regular jobs. We still want to do more things with the band but we are not complaining about were we are right now either.

MB: What are your current touring plans?

PÖ: We are playing a couple of summer festivals this year and we are working on a European tour for this fall.

MB: What can the fans expect from the shows?

PÖ: Great Death Metal and four guys trying our best to entertain you.

MB: I think it is safe to say you have succeeded with your efforts! Anything else to add?

PÖ: Check out the new album and hopefully we will see everyone at the shows this year.

Opus Mortis VIII is out now via Metal Blade Records.


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