Curiouser and curiouser!

By Georgi Bomb

We all love to have that special handbag, the one that is dribbled and cooed upon like a new-born baby. It is always the one that you just fell upon while looking round some grungy little hole in a back alley. Not anymore though, Lady Jojo’s Boutique in Edinburgh now stocks of some of the most gorgeous and individual handbags. With a choice of five different designs, Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz and our favourite, Alice in Wonderland, there is no worry of clashing with others.

It is not just Lady Jojo who is stocking unusual styles, Kreepsville has never been one to disappoint with their tombstone and bloodied cleaver clutch to amaze and attract attention, hopefully not from the authorities. Pin Up Girl Clothing have a less frightening design with this cute swallow design and it isn’t just the alternative fashion sites. Even Religion have their own knuckle duster design so there really is no excuse not to have some astounding eye candy on your arm, plus it is less hassle than carting a good-looking man around all the time.


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