Achren are one of those bands who really work. They don’t rest on their laurels, expecting some record label scout to suddenly be walking past and hear this amazing sound. Then comes a three album deal, two world tours and job done. To describe this metal act from Glasgow in their own words, then ‘blood metal’ is the phrase they have coined. Whatever that may conjure up in your head, it is probably pretty accurate to their sound.

Dark black metal with crushing riffs mixed in with some death metal saw them play last year’s Bloodstock Open Air festival’s ‘New Blood’ stage and this year, they won the opportunity to play Metal Camp and Wacken Open Air. The most evident thing from these guys is the mixture of influences within the group, “We have a lot of influences in the band. Death metal, classic metal and black metal are the obvious things that come through in the sound of the band, Bassist John Paterson says, “we like to be open-minded about music though, which is very important if you want to have any kind of sound that isn’t generic and we like to try different ideas when we’re writing till we find something we like and we’re all happy with.”

A rather complicated start to the band, beginning during their school years, with the band taking shape in 2003. They then encountered some line up changes which eventually led to the four piece they are today,  Scott Anderson masters the vocals and guitar, Callum Kirk on lead guitar, Gordon Johnstone on drums, and John Clark Paterson on the bass.

2005 released  the Blood Metal EP, which is still available to buy and Achren have just released a live DVD called Impaled at Bloodstock featuring their performance from 2010. But what other plans do they have in the pipeline? “At the moment we’ve just put out the DVD from Bloodstock last year. says Paterson, “We’re all very proud of how that went and the end result, so we’re promoting that and putting the finishing touches to the album over the next month.

“All the tracks are finished, we’ve just got the final mixes to finish off. Its being mixed at a studio called Drophammer Studios in Finland so we’re busy making sure its done for this summer before the festival season.”

We have Metalcamp, Wacken and Bloodstock in July and August, then we’re concentrating on doing the best job we can of promoting the album and putting it out proper. I think that will be happening till the end of 2011. We’ve not confirmed what we’re doing yet but guaranteed we’ll be busy!”

Not only is their first full length in production but the boys haven’t waited around to start on the follow-up, “We’re also half way through the writing process of the second album so we’ll be starting to think about that in 2012, we have 4 or 5 tracks demoed at the moment and we want to be pushing things forward next year and getting to the point of the second album.”

As with all new acts, it is hard to break through that first barrier to success, juggling day jobs with tours, self promotion and funding, as Paterson explains, “It’s difficult for us as a band at the moment to think too far forward to be honest, as we’re currently our own manager, record label, pr company and booking agent. All these things take a lot of work and time and we need to make sure we can sustain ourselves. Any external support is always appreciated!”

Check out a track from the DVD, Impaled at Bloodstock, below, which you can purchase here.


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