Review: Twin Atlantic, Free

Twin Atlantic maybe young, fresh-faced and keen to hit  the rock scene but their second release Free has all the maturity and strength which pushes them beyond their years. Vocalist Sam McTrusty’s lyrics are a fusion of  depth and sensitivity intertwined  with the harsh riffs of rock. The strong, West Scottish burr that exudes from his vocal chords add an extra layer to the overall sound.

The problem with emotional lyrics is that they can drag the tone down into a somewhat depressing zone. There is such a fine line between being beautiful of an epic standard or narcissistic idiocy yet Twin Atlantic seem to fall quite happily between the two. Possibly because it is balanced out with distorted guitars to prevent the tears welling up from either sheer embarrassment or self-indulgent fancy. There is something very compelling about Free; an addictive hook here and there, soft, enchanting melodies in places with a dash of brash, heavy rock provides an attractive quality, without sounding the same as every other rising band in the genre.

Download: Edit Me, Time For You To Stand Up, Crash Land


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