Hardcore supergroup “S.O.S” release debut EP

Hardcore supergroup S.O.S, featuring members from Terror, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Madball and Trapped Under Ice release their debut EP I Owe You Nothing through Good Fight Entertainment on June 21.

Made up of well-established hardcore acts, S.O.S is, Scott Vogel (Terror) on vocals, Chris Beattie (Hatebreed) playing the bass, Matt Hernderson (Agonistic Front and Madball) on guitar, Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice) also on guitar and finally, Nick Jett (Terror) banging the drums.

The project has been underway over the last two years. Finally, after spending a few days in New York over the cold, winter months, I Owe You Nothing was recorded and boasts as being a concise, tried and true, no frills EP. The listing is as follows:

  1. – Decontrol [Intro]
  2. – Keep Me Outside
  3. – Part of the Disease
  4. – The Hard Truth
  5. – I Owe You Nothing
  6. 6. Never A Brother
  7. – Choking On Dust

A preview of the title track I Owe You Nothing is available through their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SOShclives

The EP will be available through Good Fight Entertainment and Reaper Records will be stocking vinyl. Keep an eye out for future tour dates.

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