Review: The Soulless, Isolated

By Georgi Bomb

After changing their name from the unfathomable Ignominious Incarceration once they realised things were getting serious, The Soulless return with the follow-up to Of Winter Born.

Isolated is due for release May 16 and still holds as much strength as the debut. Opening track Unaltered doesn’t wait about with the lumbering riffs; picking up the pace and fury alongside the melodic breaks.

The Soulless are a band who, quite simply, do not let up from start to end, be it on stage or on record. Ranging in tone from dark to light but always fast, always strong and heavier than a body builder’s handshake.

To describe Isolated in one word would be beefy. If you want chunky riffs, fast paced drumming and vocals that sound as mighty as a face-plant on concrete, then check out the video for Unaltered below.

There is the worry that too much intensity can begin to border on repetitive or monotonous. The short, acoustic  tracks 13th Morning and You Are Nothing To me lure you into a calmer state before being slapped back into the powerful stuff, which seems to give the following track more kick.

Tracks to check out: Unaltered, Earthbound 


One thought on “Review: The Soulless, Isolated

  1. i love how kids are trying to justify the new band name. they only changed it because once 14 year olds got home from their concerts, they couldn’t figure out how to spell the band’s name, and gave up.

    also, new album is trash compared to the old one. RIP ignom.

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