Beat the summer sun

After many months of snow, ice, wind and rain, the sun has finally made the decision to show its warm and cuddly face. I open my wardrobe to dress accordingly and met by so much black I can’t make head or tail of what is in there!

Not that there is anything wrong with a variety of blacks, browns, navy and the occasional dash of colour but it doesn’t serve much of a purpose when the sun is beating down and penetrating the dark threads which kept us warm during the wintery seasons.

Now the days are longer and (almost) brighter, it is time to dress a bit more, well, appropriately. I hold my hands up and will be the first to say I simply do not like most of the sickly sweet fashions that can appear on the hight street. So there has to be an alternative, right?

If you really don’t care about lifting your wardrobe away from the darker shades, then keep it light with the fabrics. Cotton, linen and even thin lace isn’t too heavy to wear.

Petticoat skirts are great to wear with pumps or kitten heels. Please, I beg of you, get rid of the Nu-Rocks and platforms during the day. Tuck in a plain vest or wear over the top, either will work.

Custom Pumps, £60

Leggings are great during the summer and come in various lengths. You don’t have to keep it plain and from Primark as various websites host a wide range of colourful and fun patterns. My pick would be the leopard print ones above. A loose-fitting t-shirt or band shirt goes great over these. You could get away with flip-flops too.

Rockabilly, goth, metal heads, steam-punk; the different styles could go on for a while, but there is no need to spend hours tying up that corset to just pass out from heat exhaustion before you have even left the house.

Get creative but never compromise.

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