Kate Beckinsale could star in Total Recall remake

Underworld star, Kate Beckinsale has been offered a role in the remake of 1990 sci-fi flick, Total Recall. Directed by her husband Len Wiseman, Beckinsale could play Lori, originally played by Sharon Stone.

Lori is the wife of Doug Quaid, originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger which now sees Irish actor Colin Firth filling the role. The part of freedom fighter Melina could see Eva Mendes or Rosario Dawson, who are battling it out for the part played by award-winning actress, Rachel Ticotin.

Production is due to start next month and is expected to be closer to the original story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick.

The original plot follows Quaid being haunted by a recurring dream of traveling to Mars. He visits a company called Rekall Inc and purchases a dream vacation where an implant is placed in his brain.

Quaid is then convinced he is a secret agent and ends up involved in a Martian colony, fighting against an evil ruler who controls their air.

The remake involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai, with Quaid working as a factory worker who slowly starts to believe he is a spy, unsure which side he is working for.

With plenty of remakes being released and held in the pipeline for the movie industry, therein lies the worry that this will fall amongst the other desperate attempts at keeping the film studios in money. Add on the fact it is not set to be shot in 3-D may put off the digital addicts, who need everything at the top of the technological scale.

An updated version, with a different story line to the first, won’t necessarily undermine the original so let’s pray that Farrell doesn’t attempt to be Schwarzenegger and makes it his own.

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