The Great British Hairdresser: sun, sea and swearing

So tonight’s episode throws the hairdressing contestants overseas, don’t panic though as the overly wooden and gobby presenter, Abbey Clancy was sent with them.

The first client was in Ibiza, St. Tropez, the  self tanning people to those who aren’t in the know, which might very well be the contestants themselves. Maybe between now and next week, someone could buy them a copy of Glamour magazine so they can update themselves. It just isn’t funny anymore to watch them squirm as they struggle to work out eras and people.

They had to style hair around the main focal point, which was skin during this task. Watching them styling hair around, erm…skin on a rather cramped boat traveling across choppy water was quickly distracted by Clancy. Seemingly more vulgar, crude and flirty; her “down with the kids” attitude was more puke inducing than sea-sickness.

Despite being clueless on hair styling, the styles seemed a little, well, crap. James Brown seemed to bond with them a little more this time round, maybe the contestants seem less of a threat after this week’s efforts. That or he has gone a little fame crazy after comparing styling hair to playing the piano.

The next task was styling rather scary looking hair for Hed Kandi dancers that would hold for up to eight hours. Cue Clancy  not being very funny and trying to create suspense. These hairstyles turned out pretty fun and colourful, very nice on the eye after all the plain (and slightly dated), sand and sea photo shoots.


Despite all the fun, one of the wannabe hairdresser pros will have to leave and this week sees the handsome Zac leave the show with a tear in his eye, but little regret.


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