Cancerous Womb

By Georgi Bomb

If you like your music offensive, brutal, fringe-free and Scottish then look no further than death metal act, Cancerous Womb. Making up the band is Chris Lewis (vocals), Mike Robertson (guitar) and Paul Cook (drums).

Forming in late 2008, this band have decided to take things slowly and surely, ensuring everything is done right. Take this fact, and their desire to perfect everything from merchandise to set-lists proves their dedication to breaking through as accomplished musicians in the true art form of death metal.

Poetic? Maybe, but the sound that these lads produce is far from sweet. Taking a shine to the monstrous, Joseph Fritzl story; Austrian Basement E.P is three tracks of pure death metal with not a single fringe or ‘scene’ breakdown in sight. This is death metal as it should be.

So what are Cancerous Womb striving for? “Our main goal is to enjoy ourselves! We’re all writing music which challenges us and at the end of the day we thoroughly love playing.Mike says, “We are a death metal band, but we throw in what we want, where we want to.

Of course we stick to certain ‘guidelines’ within the DM genre and do take it seriously (most of the time…), but I think we’ve got a good thing going, and it’s down to the flexibility and diversity of our collective music tastes and backgrounds, as well as keeping an open mind when it comes to the writing process.”

Their current release is on a five-way split album, Split Roast on Condate Records with Colonel Blast from the North East of England and Dyscaphia, both dark and powerful acts. The other two are Diascorium and Magpyes, brutally intense and unforgiving.

Cancerous Womb showcase two, newly recorded tracks; Torn From Gunt to C**t and Tepid Decrepit plus a live version of Austrian Basement from their first show in London. Tepid Decrepit positively pulses with energy and dryly changes tone while whipping back and forth to the main, head-bang inducing riff. Mike’s intricate solos lift each track, giving a colourful character with guttural and powerful screams from Chris, who is never one to mince his words on stage and lyrically.

“The reason we chose these 2 songs to record over others was that we felt they were both quite different from each other musically – In tempo / feel / style / techniques etc.” Mike explains, “We wanted to try to give an accurate demonstration of where Cancerous Womb are at in terms of song writing.”

With a UK tour with Prostitute Disfigurement coming up and previous conquests including 2 full UK tours and even a couple of Danish shows, these lads continually work hard. Their E.P Austrian Basement is now being given away for free, through their website. “We’d love to take Cancerous Womb as far as humanly possible. Whether that means playing pubs up and down the country until we’re 50, or getting lucky and doing well, it’ll all retain the same ethos – Fun!”


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