The Great British Hairdresser on E4 update: Styling the Lily

So this week’s episode sees the hairdressers styling hair for pop sensation Lily Allen at a photo shoot for her new vintage shop, Lucy In Disguise.

Oh, hold up! Isn’t Lilly Allen and her sister setting up a shop called, Lucy In Disguise and filming a reality show about it? For a woman who claims she is desperate to leave the pop and celebrity culture, she is doing a fine job of staying in the lime light.

Anyway, back to the hair. The most unfortunate news is that the abysmal Abbey Clancy is back. Possibly as a form of punishment, her voice overs are now starting to resemble a poor attempt of a “Come Dine With Me” style. The show is full of her stupid and redundant comments of empathy to the more stressed candidates, “[You’re] not as big as my man but still big.”

The whole group are still struggling with eras but it seems fairly easy as the show’s host and expert hairdresser James Brown, only seems to want rolls or big hair. Speaking of James Brown, this episode seems to name drop more than a Z-list party.

It was noticed that one contestant, Daniel, followed the advice given to him by Brown. After following the advice for a style, which went wrong, he was then blamed personally for it despite the fact he did as he was told.

Does pride come before a fall Brown? He was firing on all cylinders when one contestant forgot their bobby pins! Let us all learn from this, never forget bobby pins guys!

All-in-all another horrifying show which only gets worse the more we see Clancy’s pointless appearances. Roll on next week when the crew head off to Ibiza and style hair on a boat. Does it get any more riveting?

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