Review: Royal Republic, We Are The Royal

Swedish rockers, Royal Republic look set to make a storm with their debut album, We Are The Royal. Combining a mixture of rock vibes from punk to indie, this four-piece already have a number one on Sweden’s Rock Chart for their second single, ‘Tommy Gun’.

These guys have managed to do what most bands would kill for; and that is the ability to completely non-categorize themselves. It would easy to say these guys are this decade’s rock n roll band. However, there are elements of punk, indie as well as the straight-up rock. As much as it hurts to use such a clichéd phrase, there really is something for everyone here. A rather bold statement to make and of course, if the incessant Justin Bieber or The Berzerker are more your cup of tea then I’d suggest moving on quickly.

Royal Republic are loud and punchy, a high level of energy from start to finish that is wholesomely contagious without being irritating. The production gives We Are The Royal a distorted, punk vision which is almost controversial when you consider Rammestein’s producer, Stefan Glaumann worked on the album.

Despite the poppy-punk and rather bouncy foot-tapping mix, it is an album that doesn’t blend into one long pop album. ‘President’s Daughter’ has an infiltrating funky bass line that doesn’t quit while ‘Cry Baby Cry’ is reminiscent of one of those indie-rock track that somehow pushed its way into the chart a few years ago.

The smooth lyrical content on ’21st Century Gentlemen’ makes it a typical ‘lads” song and will have men and women singing along in unison. In some places, like on ‘Walking Down The Line’, there is almost (but not quite) an element of hardcore similar to that of Norwegian band, Kvelertak. It is a very minute connection and you have to listen intently but it is most definitely there. If it is more of a Franz Ferdinand vibe you fancy, then ‘Full Steam Spacemachine’ should be your chosen track.

To summarize, a rather eclectic mixture, remaining unpredictable and refreshing. Definitely worth checking out as it is predicted these fun-loving baby-faced, cutesy lads are going to make quite a name for themselves. We Are The Royal is available now on RoadRunner Records.


One thought on “Review: Royal Republic, We Are The Royal

  1. Nice place to hang out.. Thanks for the Royal Republic posts.. Cool stuff. I hope I can find them on i tunes. I have a lot of room left on the i pod.. ===== Cheers Georgi ..

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