Review: Within Temptation, The Unforgiving

Within Temptation have always been a band people can listen to. Non-offensive and lyrically creative which, according to their label RoadRunner Records, has made them Europe’s most successful female fronted rock band.

After 3 million CD and DVD sales, two MTV Europe Music Awards and two World Music Awards, Within Temptation look set to release their latest album, The Unforgiving on March 28.

Hopes are high for the new album as previous release, The Heart of Everything debuted at number one in three countries across Europe. Vocalist Sharon den Adel belts out 12 tracks of pure beauty, accompanied by a positively haunting sound.

Based on a series of comic books written by Steven O’Connell and Romano Molenaar (for us uneducated types, he illustrated the X-Men comics). Each song follows O’Connell’s narrative, reflecting the lead characters within the comics.

The album mixes up strong rock tones that jut out like a jagged edge such as on In The Middle of the Night. This then gracefully contrasts with the delicate and soft track, Fire and Ice which is fragile enough to haunt one’s soul.

The Unforgiving is so close to falling into an 80s trap which seems to almost (but not quite) slide across the outskirts of Faster but still retains a strong and modern, gothic feel. A strong production and enticing quality for any rock fan.

Three short films have also been recorded in order to explain the concept of their fifth release, the second video can be seen below. With a European tour set for after vocalist Sharon’s pregnancy, it seems Within Temptation are ready to hit the ground running after such a long break. It can be safely said, it shall be a welcomed return.

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