The Great British Hairdresser on E4 update: animals and eras

Well in the past couple of weeks they have narrowed down the contestants to ten. Kicking one out a week although there is the exception of the one-off “shock” double eviction that we all know is looming.

So what has been happening then? Well last week, the hair stylists had to design hair like animals. I know. Riveting TV right? There seems to be an annoying, high-pitched squawk throughout the episodes and just as I am about to adjust my TV, I realise it is the “how-not-to get work-again” presenter, Abby Clancy.

Yes, the highly unprofessional, childish scouser continues to annoy all with her meaningless presence throughout. James Brown also continues to assert himself as a flamboyant yet tough hairdresser when in fact, he might as well be stamping his feet and throwing his bobby pins around like they were dummies.

The latest episode sees a bunch of dumbfounded idiots being unable to differentiate between different eras. Let’s take 40-year-old contestant Charlotte who managed to get a make-up look that was blatantly 80s mistaken for 50s.

James Brown managed to do the world’s fastest ten second count down in strangely, no more than half that time. Then there was my new best friend, Clancy, who showed the open-mouthed public that she was the last person you would go to for sympathy. Grabbing a rather tearful Charlotte on camera after being shot down in flames. “Did you feel like, totally humiliated and embarrassed?” Yeah. Good one love.

So after a rather abysmal and odd collection of hairstyles, sorry, “modern and fashionista”, it is time to throw in some booze and arguments. James Brown tells the contestants they are, in short, rubbish and worthless. Cue the tears and a rather contradictory non-eviction and we all sit in peace until next week.

The one fantastic thing about this week’s episode is that Clancy was reasonably absent. Long may it continue please.


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