Review: Calvalera Conspiracy, Blunt Force Trauma

It has been three years since the Cavalera brothers’ project, Cavalera Conspiracy released debut album, Inflikted and now fans of the supergroup can count their pennies for March 28 when the long-awaited follow-up, Blunt Force Trauma hits the shops.

Kicking off in true head banging style with distorted guitars, straight up solos and all round distressful force as opening track Torture refuses to hang around and linger for too long while it marches rigorously through.

This tenseness remains throughout and could almost become a bit tiresome. Cavalera Conspiracy have done nothing new with their follow-up and, like on Inflikted, the album screams of Soulfly and Sepultura. Die hard fans may be pleased to hear this while others could be a little less than enthused.

The first single, Killing Inside chugs along like a train of hard, shiny steel. Memorable and un-challenging lyrics accompany yet one can’t help but stomp along regardless.

Tracks like Thrasher grow a little monotonous and dull but the album is lifted by the hardcore-esq tone on I Speak Hate. One thing Blunt Force Trauma lacks that Inflikted possessed was this real essence of strength it seemed to have as a stand alone album. It is possible that maybe the band had set the bar too high with their debut and the ever-difficult follow-up just lingers in its shadow.

On a more harmonious point, the album seems to mature and ferment as it plays through, with some mind-numbing solos and grooves that are insatiable as they push their way into your head, refusing to move. Check out the title track for a prime example as it slowly softens with a smooth and hypnotic riff to end.

Although a lot less raw, it still holds a similar amount of aggression. The second album is always so much trickier than the first. A good effort has been made and there are still some worthy songs to be heard such as the insanely heated, Burn Waco. Target is another one that will draw your attention. Combining the intensity, harsh vocals and there is a hint of melody there too.

Despite the above grilling, there is no way this album could receive a poor review on the whole. The Cavalera brothers are staple names in the metal world and have, quite rightly, earned their place amongst the best. Sometimes a person wants some ‘normal’ and classic heavy metal to listen to. Without a million sub-genres circling the band, Blunt Force Trauma certainly does what it says on the tin.

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