Interview with Tom Buchberger from Serenity

Power metal breathes a sigh of relief in perfect harmony as Serenity return with their third full length studio, Death and Legacy out now to buy on Napalm Records. With a limited edition digipack version of the album, a host of tours ahead of them and the recent announcement they will be joined by Lisa Middelhauve (ex-Xandria) on these upcoming tours supporting Leaves’ Eyes, Epica and Delain. Miss Bomb has a chat with guitarist and composer of Serenity, Tom Buchberger.

Miss Bomb: Hi Tom, so how are the feelings on the recent release of Death and Legacy?

Tom Berchberger: We are extremely excited on this release. We put so much effort into writing the songs, creating the concept, doing the artworks, the recordings, etc. It is our most ambitious work so far and we hope that people out there will like it!

MB: Best of luck! Death and Legacy looks at certain historic figures, why did you choose the people you did?

TB: We did a lot of research on many figures and in the end picked the ones we thought were the most interesting individuals. So you will also find someone like Albrecht Duerer or Heinrich Kramer. Not everybody is fond of important historic personalities!

MB: How do you create the themes for albums? What sparks the inspiration?

TB: It is different from song to song. Sometimes melodies just pop out of your head. Sometimes we get inspired by movies, video games, books… Songwriting for us always is very time-consuming. First off, we only record a basic idea, compare all of them later on and pick the best ones. Then we work on the basic arrangement and all melodies. This process is followed by doing the orchestrations and working on lots of detail, fills, changes and so on. In former times we did almost everything in the rehearsal room. But I think that with the high standard we are willing to achieve with our music these days, it is not possible to create everything in the rehearsal room any more.

MB: There are some beautiful people featuring on this album, did you write the songs with them in mind or was it something that happened naturally?

TB: It’s something that happened quite naturally. In the beginning we knew that we wanted to feature female singers on those 3 songs. When the songs were finished we looked for the right choices to do those performances and now are happy to present Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Ailyn (SIRENIA) and Amanda Somerville (AVANTASIA, EPICA, KISKE). Their voices are just pure awesomeness and fit perfectly into the songs as well as Georg’s voice!

MB: Sounds fantastic! Now who else would you like to work with and why?

TB: First off I think that all of us would like to work with real orchestras and mixed choirs. Something that was not possible till today due to financial limits. This would just sound even more epic and a bit more natural than the tons of samples and plenty of voices; we record all our own. Then of course guest singers such as Anette Olson (NIGHTWISH) or Simone Simmons (EPICA) would be great. We love female voices in addition to Georg’s voice, we even go on tour with female singer Lisa Middelhauve (ex XANDRIA) nowadays! But there are much more people we’d love to work with. For example in the movie area for music videos,… We will see what the future holds for us!

MB: You have a big European tour coming up with Delain, what can fans expect on this tour?

TB: A great show, lots of fun on stage and off stage, a cool set list featuring a mixture from new and old songs, Lisa Middelhauve (ex XANDRIA) as guest singer. An all new SERENITY stage design (simply epic!!!), and the best performances we delivered so far!! We already played a couple of headlining shows here in Austria and it seems we are as good as never before. Maybe that’s a bit too self confident, but I really think we are up to bands like Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, and many more in terms of stage performance!

MB: What plans do you have after your tours with Leave’s Eyes, Epica & Delain?

TB: We will play gigs at some summer festivals. Maybe then we have another chance to go on tour in autumn somewhere in the world. USA would be cool!! Or our first headlining tour in Europe – something that will depend on the success of the record. If none of those things will take place we will definitely start concentrating on our next release. The preproduction phase will consume lots of time again!

And Tom’s final thoughts:

Keep close to for all news, touring activities, videos, sound samples… Hope to see you on tour!!


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