Evile enter the studio this weekend

UK thrash-masters Evile annouce they are heading back to the studio this coming weekend to start recording their third album.

A busy weekend is ahead which kicks off on Friday, March 18, when the lads will be playing with Japanese act Chthonic, in London. Come Saturday the band will head out to Prestatyn in Wales for their slot at the Hammerfest festival. Sunday will see them start 2009’s Infected Nation follow-up with acclaimed producer Russ Russell.

Lead guitarist of Evile, Ol Drake says, “This has been one hell of a 2011 already. We’ve been working non-stop on the material for Evile’s third album since early last year, and the past few months saw the workload pile up drastically. We’re on top of it though.”

You can catch Evile at the following shows:

  • March 18 – London, UK – The Underworld
  • March 19 – Prestatyn, UK – Hammerfest
  • June 10-12 – Donington, UK – Download Festival
  • July 17 – Vizovice, Czech Republic – Masters of Rock
  • July 23-24 – London, UK – High Voltage Festival

For those wondering what the new album is going to sound like then allow Drake to fill you in. “If I was to say what the direction of this third album would be, I’d have to say a mix of the approach to ‘Enter the Grave’, the ideas on ‘Infected Nations’ and an amalgamation of brand new ideas we can’t wait to try out. We have to try out new things as artists; we don’t ever ever want to stick to doing the same thing all the time. It will be aggressive yet mature, in my opinion, and before your ask – yes, fast.”

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