While She Sleeps: Be(lie)ve

Credit: PatrickJCM

If you want aggressive and ferocious music from Yorkshire then look no further than While She Sleeps‘ new single, Be(lie)ve, which has been released digitally in Europe today on Good Fight Entertainment. This comes after being debuted for the first time on the Radio One Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.

This is the first new material since their debut, North Stands For Nothing slammed down onto the scene last year.  Be(lie)ve is everything you could have hoped from a band who is currently hot on the UK scene. The track comes from the follow-up which is as of yet, untitled and unwritten. A real melodic groove saunters through whilst the harsh, gravel-like vocals encourage you to punch the air in time to the beat. Be(lie)ve takes many twists and turns but still pushes a strong punk influence.

There seems to be a darker undertone compared to previous work but it still remains angry and doesn’t stray from the hardcore sound. The video is not too dissimilar to Burnt Tongues by Your Demise whom the band supported on their recent mini-tour of Scotland. It is raw, threatening and hails to the punk vibe with vocalist displaying his middle finger politely during the video.

While She Sleeps seem to be putting their everything into their music as they sail to the top of the class. Lets hope they don’t burn out too quickly because if Be(lie)ve is a taster of what is in store for the next album, then it is definitely one to watch come Spring/Summer this year.


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