While She Sleeps at Studio 24, Edinburgh, March 2011

Hailing from Sheffield in Yorkshire, While She Sleeps have been around for about four years, releasing their debut album, The North Stands For Nothing last year through Good Fight Music. After supporting some big names like Attack Attack!, Sylosis and Deez Nuts, WSS have successfully proved themselves in the hardcore metal scene and you can hedge your bets that 2011 is going to be the year for them. Miss Bomb caught up with vocalist Lawrence and drummer Sav on their mini-tour of Scotland supporting Your Demise.

This week saw their newest single Be(lie)ve being debuted on Radio One’s Rock Show. “It’s pretty crazy. We have the video [and single] all ready to go out on the 14th. It’s all pretty exciting.” Despite having a single all prepared for release, the rest of the album is, as of yet, untitled and unrecorded. “We’re writing it now. We will see how quickly we get it done and find out what we are going to do recording wise. Then think about our options and, as soon as we can, just get it out there. It’s going to be us, obviously but just hopefully better and harder. We are trying to push ourselves to write better stuff really.”

Shortly after the dates with Your Demise, WSS head off to support Silverstein across Europe and will be playing with Bring Me The Horizon come April. Festival season hits soon after and the band are yet to confirm any appearances except Graspop in Belgium and Hit The Deck festival in Nottingham, UK but they are not ruling anything else out just yet. Whilst contending with a heavy tour schedule, the lads are determined not to let it get it in the way of finishing their album, “We are quite busy at the moment touring so we are constantly trying to write when we are at home and then on the road so we are piecing it together slowly.”

A large crowd waits patiently for WSS to play tonight as the lights go down and the P.A goes up. These guys are not a band who need the first couple of songs to warm up. They ferociously head straight into an intense set; with Lawrence leaping in and out the crowd like one would do the hokey cokey. Thrashing and screaming across the stage, each member holds their own as the young-looking audience scream song lyrics back at the sweating faces of equally young WSS.

The entire venue from the front row to the back are all clapping in unison on command as the tightly executed tracks such as Hearts Against Our Horses and title track from the album, North Stands For Nothing blast out. Tracks which can all be heard with March’s edition of Metal Hammer magazine, as WSS debut was given away free in CD form. Surely this would have ensured a loss in earnings? “At the moment, nothing is about money so it weren’t like ‘oh my god we’re losing out’, it was just like ‘get it out.” These guys may not be all that long into their twenties but their talent is way beyond their years. Watching their rather disappointingly short set is enough to make one realise exactly why the metal scene are buzzing about them. They say they aren’t bothered about the money side of things at this moment in time but their performance would have anyone believe these guys are platinum selling artists.

The Sheffield scene has seen more than just these quiet and modest guys emerge from the steel city. Bring Me The Horizon would be the obvious choice; old school rockers from the 80s, Saxon would be another. “[The scene] is up and down sometimes but at the minute it is going up. More and more bands are emerging; there is a good vibe there altogether. We know two bands, Malevolence and Never Cry Wolf who are quite local and worth looking at”

So lets offer the final word to Lawrence and Sav, “Just look out for the single, keep it real and keep listening. If you like us let us know and if you hate us then well, then let us know!”


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