The Great British Hairdresser on E4

As much as I enjoy car crash reality TV like Wife Swap, Super Nanny and Tool Academy. Oddly enough all of these can be found on E4 but I may have to draw the line at The Great British Hairdresser.

The synopsis of the show is pretty obvious from the title, a bunch of “zany” hairdressers compete to win and become an assistant to the well-known gentleman, James Brown (the hair stylist not the singer).

Admittedly, I felt a little bit excited when I saw the first advert. My mortified face agreed when TV Catchup crashed at 10pm as the first episode was due to start. The following day I hurriedly hit up 4OD to see what I had missed and apparently, it wasn’t a lot. Abbey Clancy, in short, has to be the worst presenter I have ever seen. To watch Clancy’s aggressive and confrontational attitude towards the contestants who weren’t playing up to her bubbly and appalling small talk for the camera was horrifying. This was teamed with Brown flamboyantly wandering around criticising everything and flailing his hands around. I’m unsure if this was meant to create tension or to simply irritate. Whatever the intention was, the latter slowly ran through me like a bad hair day. Perhaps it was to distract people from questioning why Clancy was even there? Apart from the unprofessional behavior and swearing, I can’t see any reason for her receiving a pay packet other than pity.

I do have a secret love for reality TV. I am slowly accepting this flaw, which is one of many and thankfully, my boyfriend is coming to terms with this fact also. With this in mind, I feel I can offer my expert opinion that TGBH should really be placed on the dusty shelf of bad TV and this needs to be done quickly. For all our sakes’. Now if you don’t mind, it is nearly time for the second episode and I’d hate to miss out on anything.


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