Former Coal Chamber bassist discusses new project

Nadja Peulen, bassist of the metal band Coal Chamber, which was originally fronted by DevilDriver’s main man, Dez Fafara, spoke to Noisecreep about a new project called Vera Mesmer. A sound which is a far cry from her metal days.

Screaming more of a Fall Out Boy sound than a Marilyn Manson goth tune, Vera Mesmer holds a rock tone with a folk, acoustic feel to back it up. The new EP, Back From The Dead will be released in the spring and the titled video can be seen below.

The full line-up is Peulen on bass, drummer Bones Elias and front man Chris Turner. Peulen speaks on working with Turner, “Working with Chris has been truly a transformation for me. I’ve learned and am still learning a lot from him songwriting and recording/production-wise. He’s been pushing me musically and making me tap into unfamiliar territory such as singing. We have this strange musical connection and it’s very easy to work together as we have the same taste, ideas, and thoughts. This sort of partnership doesn’t come around often, as I have been looking for it for about eight years. He’s brought me back from the dead, no pun intended, as it is the name of our first single and video. But the song is actually not about that.”


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