Festival depression

As festival season draws near and all the line-ups take shape. I am filled with a mixture of excitement and despondency. Excitement for the fact I get to rejoin the compere team at Bloodstock Open Air, with the announcement of Motorhead as Sunday headliner, it is looking to be a good three days for me.

Looking at the UK festival line-ups in general, there are so many cross-overs and what I see, in my opinion as poor judgment on choices. Take a look at Download at Donington Park. Twisted Sister and Gwar played Bloodstock Open Air last year. Turisas seem to have been thrown in randomly to try to create a balance of alternative metal but, has been totally lost. They also played Bloodstock not so long ago. Korn, Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Buck Cherry, Hollywood Undead and more played the festival two years ago.

Just to stick in the boot in, pop’s version of whore-rock, The Pretty Reckless have now been confirmed. If Ozzy Osbourne knew what planet he is on then he would break down in tears. The Pretty Reckless playing the same festival as Gwar? Vocalist Oderus will destroy Taylor Momsen with that “not-to-scale dong” that hangs down between his alien legs.

The real rock fans are shunning this monstrosity to hit Sonisphere now but how long until they sit in the same paddling pool as Download? It seems that the festival circuit are handing down wellies to their siblings. A few years ago, Reading/Leeds was a half decent festival, remember when they had more metal acts confirmed than Download in 2008? Reading/Leeds went on to more commercial pastures so pass the welly of doom onto Download. It now looks like they are following in the muddy footprints so it is time to throw that welly over to Sonisphere. Confused? I definitely am.

What will happen come 2012? Download book Girls Aloud whilst Sonisphere fight with Bloodstock over Busted’s reunion tour. Obviously these companies need to make money and expand as a business but can we keep it a little more real please? I take my festivals with extra devil horns and less fashion-conscious “festival wear” please.


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