Age and pride are no bad thing

“Yeah well I’m 24 now, I don’t want to still be trying to make it at 27, no one gets signed at 35.” As I read the comment said by a young lad to me, I was astounded. That may be a strong word, I think I just rolled my eyes. As a person approaching 27 this year, comments like this could almost be offensive. It is like 12 year old teenagers who can’t believe people can still be alive at 30, “30?! That is like, ancient!” Bless their little naive brains.

One of the appeals I find about the rock scene is that it is less about looks and more about playing ability. Even the radio presenters and journalists are all a lot more, shall we say, mature than the pubescent, tartly-dressed kids running around mainstream music channels.

“Well the biggest bands around at the moment are the same age as me now.” He protests when I try to explain that actually, age is less of an issue. Again, I have to disagree with this, Iron Maiden released an album only last year and still sell out tours across the world.

It seems the X-Factor disease of fame desperation is infiltrating all areas of society. It is more often than not, I get sent links to bad demos, eps and new material. There seems to be no pride in people’s work, that or they aren’t willing to work at something.

“Where is the perfection?” I cry as I listen to another badly produced and out of time or tune demo. Maybe this is why there are so many acts out there not being signed. The recession isn’t to blame. It is the fact that people believe that after playing as a group for two months, you can go out, record an album and send this tripe to some of the biggest labels out there. What makes it worse is that it is expected these labels will come crawling for you on their knees. Begging you to sign their contract of a four-album, three global tour deal.

Please don’t delude yourselves. I am not saying you have no talent, I am saying work harder on playing together and being the best you can. Regardless of your age, if you are good then you are good. Take some real pride in your work.

The last thing we want is a band the same age with the same attitude as Justin Bieber plaguing the rock industry. If you think the biggest bands around at the moment are all 24 and under then I suggest you expand your listening to a wider range than the four acts you have on repeat. Devin Townsend is no spring chicken, Linkin Park weren’t 17 when they hit the scene and if its heavier stuff you fancy, Cerebral Bore are all older than the collective age of a Bieber fan club.

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