Embracing T.U.K footwear

The block heel pleases me so much; not that I don’t enjoy the delicate and sexy stiletto heel. But there is something unflattering about begging my mildly tipsy boyfriend to give me a piggy back to the bus stop after an evening of walking around like Bambi trying to skate across ice. Plus he doesn’t want to do it anymore so the block heel provides a much better alternative.

Although after skipping around in feminine and thin footwear, a big chunky block heel can feel a bit awkward and cumbersome. Not to worry as that should balance out with all the light and floaty tops around. Don’t forget skinny jeans look great with chunky shoes too. Not only that, but like the wedge heel, you can walk for miles in them without feeling an ounce of burn. You can even attend picnics as they won’t sink deeper into the mud with every step.

My favourite range of block heels come from T.U.K. Not only are they simply gorgeous but the are also affordable. This means there really is no excuse for anymore limping and whinging.

TUK are also amazing for their creative footwear too, so if you fancy a bit of a challenge, save your pennies for this wacky-wonder wedge:


Satin bows and a satin-ruffled wedge that stands on a about a 2 inch platform with a 5 inch heel. Personally I’m going to save this one for when my boyfriend’s back recovers.


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