Review: Thomas Giles, Pulse

Fans of Between The Buried And Me may recognise the name Tommy Rogers as the founding member of the North Carolina metal band. Well meet his solo project, Thomas Giles.

All composition, arrangement and production on the album, Pulse was completed by Rogers himself. The “Giles” in the project’s title comes from his middle name. The name Pulse comes from the thoughts and experiences from Rogers over the years causing it to be a very personal album.

The first single from Pulse, Sleep Shake is a very calm and poetic track. It builds slowly and takes an unsuspecting turn, bringing in an electronic and strong backing to the vocals. That can be said for the whole album, it leaves you completely unaware of which direction it is heading. Mr. Bird lulls you in with soft, dark tones and acoustic solos. A simple and effective song to leave you relaxed before Catch And Release’s electronic goth sound kicks you awake.

Thankfully there is no dubstep to be found on Pulse however there is a real mixture between folk, like on Armchair Travel and the electronic feel. Reject Falicon is one of the tracks that mixes up the two themes. Beginning acoustic, a tranquility that is achieved from bands like Isis, which then builds up into this intense electronic beat.

Pulse is an album that never sits still. There is a possibility that producing an album like this could go really wrong. It runs the risk of causing confusion and irritation at the constant changing of tone and tempo. However Rogers has managed to create something truly individual providing a must have album for 2011.

Don’t fret though BTBAM fans, you can expect a new album from the lads come April. [Read full story here]

Pulse is out now on Metal Blade Records.


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