Amon Amarth confirm release date for Surtur Rising

After the success of 2008’s Twilight Of The Thunder God, Amon Amarth are back in 2011 with a brand new album. 10-track Surtur Rising is due for release March 28 and a headlining tour is due to follow in April and May in North America.

Opening track on the album, War of the Gods is everything fans could have hoped. The entire album hasn’t strayed from their concept of covering norse mythology, legends and beliefs from the Scandinavians pre-Christian religion. Musically, the song kicks off with all the intensity that is expected, an evident viking theme and smooth riffs to lure you in whilst vocalist, Johan Hegg rasps his valiant lyrics.

“Hopefully we can take some new steps in our career and reach another level as a band,” Hegg speaks on touring. “We want to play places we haven’t played yet and reach a wider audience without sacrificing what it is we do best. We’ve always mainly made music for ourselves so as long as we like it, it’s ok. Of course it’s better if other people like it too.”



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